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Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s comprehensive Environment, Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S) performance improvement initiative. Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) adopted the Responsible Care Initiative in 2009, thereby, bringing this important initiative to the Gulf and Middle East Region. Originally conceived in 1984 by the Canadian Chemical Producers Association, the initiative was adopted by American Chemistry Council in 1988, followed by other associations worldwide. Responsible Care continues to strengthen its commitments and enhance the public credibility of the chemical industry.

GPCA’s Responsible Care Program is aligned with the initiatives of the international entities like UNEP, UNDP, and International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA).

GPCA has designed its Responsible Care Program, keeping in view the experience, gained by international associations in their journey towards responsible care issues. GPCA has forged alliance with American Chemistry Council (ACC), the European Chemistry Council (CEFIC), and the Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA) to address the global issues in a concerted manner.

GPCA’s Commitment to RC

The vision, cooperation and commitment of                    our members have created an association that                 is unique and over time has built a strong

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GPCA holds many events on Responsible Care, like workshops, conferences, roundtables, and summits etc., every year as part of the capacity-

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RC Awards

Responsible Care Awards

Responsible Care Awards will be launched from the year 2014 and will be awarded during the Responsible Care Conference in Oct-Nov 2014 in Dubai.

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RC Committee Meetings

The Responsible Care Committee meets                     every quarter where important decisions are               taken to maintain and sustain the pace of the    Responsible

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Performance Metrics

The most important fundamental feature of Responsible Care Initiative is the Performance Metrics. These metrics, with built in feature of

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Responsible Care Toolkits

GPCA has developed Toolkits that are collections of various elements of Responsible Care Program put into resourceful use by developing step-by-step process to target each respective element of the program for the convenience of our members.

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Our Ranking

Endorsed by Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) in December 2009,              Responsible Care has been able to achieve

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Important Guidance for Members on RC 14001 Certification Audits 

Learn about the important information related to certification audits and trainings. This will help our members to define the proper scope for Responsible Care Certification audits by third-party independent bodies


International Council of Chemical Association

American Chemistry Council-ACC

European Chemistry Council-CEFIC

United Nations Environment Program

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Participating Companies