Secretary General

Dr. Abdulwahab Al Sadoun 

Secretary General 

Administration and HR


Nazia Sarfaraz

Senior Membership and HR Specialist

Jobelle Barsarsa


Ahmad Shah 

Office Assistant

Wesam Issa

Senior IT and Website Specialist



Ashraf N.

Senior Finance and Administration Specialist

Analee Candelaria

Events Accounts Officer

Fiza Khan

Head of Sales & Membership

Karin Tiosan

Events Sales Specialist

Marketing and Communications

Dima Horani

Head of Marketing and Communications

Sophia Lara Abdullah

Communications Specialist

Slavka Atanasovaq

Content and Media Specialist

Jimmy Mendoza

Graphic Designer

Sarah Malas

Marketing Coordinator


Research & Studies

Shelley Parr

Senior Events Operations Specialist

Ammara Shahiryar

Events Operations Specialist

Quennie Pacaldo

Events Coordinator

Nuriya Ismagilova

Research and Studies Specialist


Udit Arora

Senior Committees Specialist

Ashish Vyas

Committees Coordinator

Jonathan Fasdernes


Responsible Care and Gulf SQAS

Alan Izzard

RC and Gulf SQAS Director

Kashif Rasheed

Senior Responsible Care Specialist

Mohammed Al Duraibi

Responsible Care Program Coordinator