Giuseppe Franceschini holds an impressive educational background, having completed an Executive MBA at the prestigious Solvay School of Economics in Brussels, as well as a comprehensive Materials Engineering Degree (5 Years) at the Università degli Studi di Perugia in Italy. With a strong foundation in education, Giuseppe has embarked on a remarkable career path. In his previous roles, Giuseppe served as the VP of Reliability and Turnaround at Yara International, where he made substantial contributions to the organization’s success and growth.

Presently, Giuseppe holds the esteemed position of Technical Manager at QAFCO, where he continues to demonstrate exceptional proficiency in his field. With an impressive 20 years of experience working in the fertilizer industry, mainly on Ammonia, Urea and Nitric Acid Plants. Giuseppe has played a pivotal role in driving critical initiatives, including Reliability Improvement Programs, Turnaround Improvement Programs, Inspection Work Processes, as well as Plant Productivity and Optimization efforts.

Giuseppe Franceschini

Technical Manager, QAFCO


Pre-conference | 17 September 2023 | Achieving operational excellence: A case study of QAFCO’s framework