Dr. Hareb Al-Jabri obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology from Qatar University in 2003, then joined Qatar University as a faculty member in Biological and Environmental Sciences Department in 2004. He continued his graduate studies and obtained a master’s degree in biochemistry from Virginia Tech University in 2010, then PhD in Bioprocess Engineering from Nantes University in 2018. At the same year, Dr Hareb received an international award (Personnel of Future Leaders) from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. Dr. Hareb has leaded several scientific research teams in the fields of biotechnology, environmental studies and food security, and has published many scientific research paper in international per-reviewed journals. Dr. Hareb was appointed to different administrative positions at Qatar university:

Director of Technology transfer and Commercialization 2021-2023 Manager of Innovation and IP  2020-2021 Director of Center for Sustainable Development 2017-2019 Founder and Manger of Algae Technologies Research Program 2014-2019

Biofuel Project Manager 2011-2014.

He also has held many positions outside the university through his secondment to several governmental agencies, including the Ministry pf education and higher education, the Ministry of Culture and Sports as executive director of the Qatari Scientific Club and then director of  Public Libraries department, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry as founder and general manager of the Islamic Centre for Halal Products Accreditation at the level of the Islamic World Organization, and the Ministry of Municipality an Environment as a consultant on agricultural research and biotechnology. He also participated in several national committees, the most important are the Food Security Committee and the Climate Change Committee.

Dr. Hareb Aljabri

Assistant Professor, Biological & Environmental Sciences Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University


Day 2 | 19 September 2023 | Presentation: The potential of Microalgae industry in the sustainability of food, feed and environment