Robert N. Stavins is the A. J. Meyer Professor of Energy & Economic Development at Harvard Kennedy School, Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, Director of Graduate Studies for the Doctoral Program in Public Policy, Co-Chair of the Harvard Business School-Kennedy School Joint Degree Programs, and Director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements. He is a University Fellow of Resources for the Future, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, an elected Fellow of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Resources for the Future, and Co-Editor the Journal of Wine Economics. He was Founding Editor of the Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Chairman of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Economics Advisory Committee, and Lead Author or Coordinating Lead Author of the Second, Third, and Fifth Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. His research has focused on diverse areas of environmental economics and policy, and appeared in hundreds of articles in scholarly journals plus more than a dozen books. He has been a consultant to U.S. Administrations, Members of Congress, environmental organizations, the World Bank, the United Nations, state and national governments, and private foundations and firms. He holds a B.A. in philosophy from Northwestern University, an M.S. in agricultural economics from Cornell, and a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard.

Prof. Robert Stavins

AJ Meyer Professor of Energy and Economic Development, Harvard University


Day 1 | 18 September 2023 | Plenary: Challenges and opportunities of climate change and energy transition