Innovating for Sustainable Growth – Charting the Future of Plastics

Plastics are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. The quantity of plastic produced is expected to double by 2030, and then double again by 2050. Hence, the needs for using the plastics innovation engine to move the industry into a positive spiral of value capture, sturdier economics, and better environmental outcomes is stronger than ever before.

The 2024 GPCA Plastics Conference, held under the theme: ‘Innovating for Sustainable Growth – Charting the Future of Plastics’, aims to foster collaboration amongst the stakeholders of the plastics industry – Producers, Convertors, Brand Owners, Recyclers, and the Regulators, in pivotal areas under the sustainability umbrella to accelerate our journey towards a circular future.

By bringing together the value chain, the conference will explore critical areas, including, the latest technological developments in designing products for circularity, advancements in recycling technologies, building the market demand of recycled polymer products amongst other catalyzing areas to promote responsible production, consumption, and recycling of plastics.

Innovation is paving the way for the use of recycled plastics in new products without sacrificing quality and functionality. Moreover, plastics are also crucial in energy transition, as they are essential components in manufacturing clean energy solutions – from solar panels and wind turbines to energy efficient vehicles.

While technological developments continue to dominate the conversation in defining the path of closing the loop in the plastics value chain, achieving this goal depends on establishing robust waste management infrastructure and mechanisms. An effective waste management infrastructure is the foundation on which recycling technologies can build upon to close the loop in the plastics value chains.

Regulators are also diligently developing regulatory frameworks for recycled plastics, particularly for their safe and efficient use in the context of Food Contact Materials (FCMs). These regulations are not only essential for ensuring consumer confidence in these products but also for achieving uniformity in the industry and promoting the wider adoption of recycled plastics.

Be part of the foremost plastics industry gathering in the region

Join us as we convene at the region’s foremost plastics industry gathering, where industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers come together to shape the landscape of tomorrow. Industry professionals, thought leaders, and visionaries will unite for a two-day event to exchange ideas, explore cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate in shaping the future.

Why attend

Gain exclusive insights from C-level speakers on the latest innovations and developments in the plastic industry.

Engage in discussions, share insights, and address challenges directly with industry leaders and experts.

Full networking access to connect with over 500 global attendees, facilitating the exchange of best practices.

Opportunity to meet and connect with potential clients from 100+ leading brands during this two-day event.

Explore cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and innovations with the region’s leading market players.

Who attends

  • Plastic converters and compounders
  • Converters & Compounders
  • Petrochemical/ Resin/ Polymers producers
  • Plastic machine manufacturers
  • Extrusion technology providers
  • Injection moulding technology providers
  • Mould makers
  • Plastic collectors and reclaimers
  • Recycling equipment manufacturers
  • Brand owners – FMCG, Healthcare, Automotives
  • Packaging equipment manufacturers
  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Governments and local authorities
  • Waste management/collection companies
  • Academia & Students
  • Management consultancies
  • Regulators – Environment, Standardization
  • Masterbatch manufacturers

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