Monir Bou Ghanem is a Policy Advisor at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi providing a leadership role in government wide environment policy development. Monir has lead a number of flagship initiatives in Abu Dhabi including the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group and the development of the Abu Dhabi Environment Policy Agenda. Monir lead very specific flagship initiatives like the development of the Abu Dhabi Single Use Plastic Policy and the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy. During his work in the agency, Monir served as the Director for Environment Policy and Planning where he lead the development of government strategies like waste management and air quality.

Before joining the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Monir was a Director General of a leading conservation NGO in Lebanon. He also served as a sustainability policy advisor to the Lebanese Government and Parliament. He worked with the United Nations Development Program as well as a consultant with international organizations on issues related to collaborative planning, conflict management, waste, water and conservation strategies. In that context, he was a member of the World Bank Forest Policy Advisory Group. He participated in negotiation and adoption of several Euro Mediterranean Environment declarations and agreements representing Government or NGOs depending on his respective assignments.

Monir has a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy Planning from the American University of Beirut.

Monir Salem Bou Ghanem

Advisor – Environment Policy and Regulations, Integrated Environment Policy and Planning, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi


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