Amador Brinkman is a renowned QHSE consultant with over two decades of expertise in enhancing safety, health, environmental, and quality management across diverse industries. Adept at navigating complex regulatory frameworks, Amador excels in leading multinational teams to deliver strategic QHSE initiatives that improve compliance and operational efficiencies. His leadership and innovative approaches have solidified his reputation as a thought leader, making him a sought-after speaker at global conferences. Connect with Amador to explore how he can elevate your organization’s QHSE standards to new heights.

Amador Brinkman

Principal Consultant & Founder, Technique Works


Day 1 | 15 May 2024 | Strategic panel: A decade of evolution: Assessing the impact of Gulf SQAS on EHSS&Q in gulf logistics
Day 2 | 16 May 2024 | Fireside chat: Industry Disruptors: How next-gen entrepreneurs are breathing new life into supply chain innovations