Gareth is responsible for developing partnerships with clients in MENA for Achilles, bringing his extensive knowledge of how data and smart technology transform sustainability, supply chain risk and procurement processes.

Gareth has 20+ years’ experience working with companies across the energy supply chain from upstream exploration through to downstream manufacturing, plus in sectors such as mining, utilities, infrastructure, transport, construction and technology.   With a background in developing value from bringing together rich, validated supply cain risk data with key sustainable procurement processes, he has a focus on helping businesses operate safely and sustainably.

Achilles’ risk due diligence and ESG benchmarking services help organisations manage potential ESG, cyber and financial risks in their supplier base, helping them operate more agile and profitable supply chains. Achilles clients recognise the impact stove-piped, imperfect, dirty data has on their operations, and recognise the value of a single, trusted view of their global supply chain can deliver and empower their experts to deliver more value, importantly freeing up their time.

Gareth also has a passion for helping procurement use their spending power to drive social value and reduce environmental impact within the local supply chain; and how benchmarking suppliers against sustainability standards can help them focus investment to drive wider value.

Gareth Adams

Regional Sales Director, Achilles


Day 2 | 16 May 2024 | Executive panel: Importance of driving local content and catalyzing greater SME participation in our supply chain ecosystems