Arkema France

HQ address

P.O. Box 487506,
Cluster F, JLT,
Unit 2801 Indigo Icon Bldg.,
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4457 2775

Key contact names

Adnan Hamdan, CEO, Arkema Middle East

Brief company profile

Our key indicators: €7.7bn revenue; 19,000 employees; 136 production sites; 3 R&D and innovation hubs; and present in 50 countries. In 10 years we have built our business portfolio to high value-added products lines. We now rank from first to third worldwide on 90% of our sales: No. 1 thiochemicals, specialty
polyamides & polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF). No. 2 polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) & organic peroxides. No. 3 adhesives, hydrogen peroxides, coating resins, acrylics & fluorogases.

Our growth and profitability are driven by innovation, a stepped-up presence in emerging markets and targeted acquisitions. Our high performance materials and chemicals keep pace with technological changes, enabling our customers to meet consumer expectations.

Key production locations

Headquarters: Colombes, France Europe – France: Carling; Jarrie; Lacq-Mourenx; Lannemezan; Marseille. Italy, Germany, Spain, etc US – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Houston, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Geneseo, New York; etc Asia – Guangzhou, China; Kyoto, Japan; Kerteh, Malaysia; Singapore; India

Main products manufactured

High-performance materials: coating solutions:

  • Technical polyamides > resin Specialty additives > additives Performance additives > acrylics

Industrial specialties:

  • PMMA > fluorogases Thiochemicals > hydrogen peroxides
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