Dgrade DWC LLC

HQ address

Dubai South Free Zone
United Arab Emirates

Key contact name

Kris Barber – CEO
Jeroen Adriaansens – Procurement & Trade Director
Emma Barber – Managing Director
Lilia Benyahia – Supply Chain Manager
Rebecca Rich – Marketing Manager

Company profile
  • collect, compress and/or bale PET bottles, then wash and flake them via our industrial process
  • PET flakes are heated and melted to produce fibers for our own Greenspun (TM) yarn production
  • yarn can be woven or knitted into everyday products such as clothing, toys, etc.
Main services
  • collect and segregate plastic (mainly PET) waste
  • increase recycling awareness in schools/corporates via Simply Bottles
  • setting up closed loop recycling campaigns for multinationals
  • running recycling and recovery at domestic/global events
  • washing and flaking PET bottles and HDPE/PP caps
  • selling PET recycled flakes back into plastic industry
  • selling diverse applications for our recycled HDPE/PP caps material
  • manufacturing and selling our own Greenspun (TM) yarn and/or fabrics
  • producing tailor-made clothing for merchandising or uniforms
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