Quincannon Associates DMCC

HQ address

ONE JLT, #05-67,
Jumeira Lake Towers,


Key contact name

Mr. Andrew Paganucci – Ship-Broker Liquids – +971-54-7220006;
Mr. Luca Cobucci – Ship-Broker Gas & Liquids – +971-50-6931213;
Mr. Mark Mirosevic-Sorgo (Singapore – MD) – Ship-Broker Gas & Liquids – +65-96696587;
Mr. Karan Grover (Singapore) – Ship-Broker Liquids – +65-91123824;
Ms. Ong Pei Chi (Singapore) – Ship-Broker Liquids – +65-81803183;
Mr. Pat Quincannon (New York – President/Global CEO) – Ship-Broker Liquids – +1-732-5004129

Brief company profile

Quincannon (QA) is an established specialized-tanker chartering shipbroking company covering global markets through offices in Singapore, New York, Dubai and Shanghai. Knowledge, trust and reliability are at the forefront of our business approach.

Our main activity is the chartering of ships to carry liquid bulk chemicals and liquid gas, for single (SPOT) voyages, for regular/repeated (COA & CVC) voyages, and for long term use of the ship (Time-Charter).

Our experienced personnel provide services to make your life easier and to help prevent and resolve issues.

Key services provided

Ship Chartering & Consultancy
Demurrage Handling
Understanding of Shipping Law
Market Analysis

Petrochemical Liquids
Petrochemical Gases
Glycols (eg: MEG, DEG, TEG, MPG, DPG)
Aromatics (eg: Paraxylene, Benzene, Toluene, MX, OX, SM)
Acetyls (eg: Acetic Acid, VAM, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate)
Chlor-Alkalis (eg: Caustic, EDC, VCM)
Acids (eg: Sulphuric, Nitric)
Olefins (eg: Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene)
Butadiene, Crude C4, Butene-1, Raffinates 1-2-3
Propylene Oxide
Base Oils & Lube Oils
Ammonia – NH3
Bio-Fuels & Edible Oils (CPO etc)

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