Vinmar Projects Ltd

HQ address

16800 Imperial Valley Drive,
Suite 499,
Texas 77060,
Tel: +1 281 618 1333

Key contact name

Dr. Serge Verma

Brief company profile

A global company present in the entire value chain of petrochemical industry, Vinmar is a premier petrochemical product offtaking, marketing, distribution and logistics company with more than 35 offices in 28 countries. Vinmar has a significant presence in the Middle East via joint ventures and long-term product offtake in support of project financing.

Key services provided

Petrochemical projects development and long-term product offtake

Main products

Bisphenol A (BPA)
Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR)
Nitrile rubber
monomer (EPDM)
Nylon 6,6
Joint ventures for polypropylene (PP), benzene, orthoxylene (OX), paraxylene (PX) and polysilicon

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